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We are the world's leading eCommerce brand-building venture partner & consultancy. We start, scale & invest in cutting-edge unicorn brands that make the world a better place.

✅ Millions In Positive Return On Advertising

✅ Managed Ads For A Billion-Dollar Company

✅ 1 Million+ Social Media Follower Network

✅ 100% Guaranteed Profitable Positive Results

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Good Purpose Brands

How we took Good Purpose Brands from inception to multiple millions in revenue in one year. Good Purpose Brands partnered with Master Scaling to launch their paid advertising campaign through Facebook and Google ads. Prior to that, mostly influencer marketing was relied upon.

Good Purpose Brands sells usa-made natural, organic, gourmet & specialty products including groceries, body care, supplements. With state of the art fulfillment centers located in Los Angeles.

We ran Facebook ads primarily for year one and relied heavily on paid traffic to establish the brand. The majority of the budget was allocated for the top of funnel cold traffic, with the remainder going to re-targeting ads focused on users who have progressed at least one step into the funnel.

💰 3-7X Positive Return On Advertising Spend

💰 Built A Custom Funnel To Maximise Average Purchase Order Through Cross-Sells & Up-Sells

💰 Crafted User-Generated Campaigns For

Superior Creative

💰 Produced Hundreds Of Thousands Of New Sales For Free Through Powerful SMS & Email Marketing

Over $3,000 In SMS Credits Just For One Brand

Over 10,000 Emails Sent Just For One Brand

Our 3-Step Secret Selling System

We Eliminate The Risk For Our Clients And GUARANTEE Results

Master Scaling's mission is to become earths most results driven Ecomm marketing agency and to erase the 'I've been burnt in the past' conversation that all founders have. So we've removed the risk entirely for our clients. They do not pay us a single cent until we actually deliver profitable results. We are a 100% performance based agency.

Before we spend $1 on ads, we undergo an operation called Foundational Copywriting, Analysis and Research (C, A, R). This operation enables us to gain a deep routed understanding of your ideal customer, industry and competitors and true metrics. In addition, during this phase we analyse your sales processes to identify any holes that may be prevalent and we look to instantly fill those in. Thus, increasing your sales process conversion rate and enabling us to get as much juice from your advertising dollars as humanly possible (high return on adspend).

Flood Your Product Fulfilment Team Within Days

Once we have a detailed understanding of your industry, competitors, true metrics and ideal customer (their characteristic and personality traits etc), we then publish the first iteration of ads. This is where we start to collate data and make informed decisions on what is and isn't working. Equipped with this knowledge, we can then launch new iterations that are 2-4x more profitable and scalable. Whilst we are implementing on this iteration feedback loop, we're simultaneously building the structured paid traffic funnel which enables us to seamlessly take a prospect down a specifically tailored path (Top of Funnel down to Bottom of Funnel) which has the end goal of the prospect buying.

Any business that doesn't have a system where they can confidently spend $1 and get $2, $3, $5, $7, $10 in return, is on a surefire route to NOT hit $1M - $10M. Every client at Master Scaling has a customer acquisition machine that we've built where $1 goes in and $4, $5, $10, $15 comes out. Equipped with this level of certainty, adding $1M - $5M to your bottom line is a simple by-product of the machine

Ramping To The $Ms & The Predictable And Profitable Money Machine That Never Stops

After going through iterations based off the data we collate, we'll now know exactly who your ideal customer is, what resonates with them most (what evokes an innate motivation for them to buy), and where they congregate on the specific paid platform. It's at this point that we can now start injecting the proven paid traffic funnel with high spend with predictability and profitability. This is when you'll start seeing the $Ms roll in.

One of the most common issues I see amongst current clients is the inability to keep up with the sever increase in volume of sales. As a consequent event of ramping cold advertising dollars and becoming ubiquitous amongst current customers, volume of sales drastically increases along with profitability, thus flooding your product fulfilment team.

Royston G King


Message To All Brand Builders:

Stop worrying about leaving 5 & 6 figures of new money to your competitors...

And finally have a top verified, trusted, and reputable growth marketer do all the heavy lifting for you to give you back the time, money, energy, & freedom you deserve.

We're a world-class team of brand builders who have our fingers on the pulse on the most cutting-edge growth marketing strategies to scale your business to unparalleled heights.

-Royston G King

Investor, Partner, & Advisor To Multi-Million Businesses

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First African-American Woman To Run A Billion-Dollar Company

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CEO Of Sweet Green, Billion-Dollar Company

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Former CEO Of Fair,

Billion-Dollar Company

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Nike Athlete & Former Rapper 2Chainz Manager

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Godfather Of Psychology & Persuasion

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Consultant & SEO Specialist To Billion-Dollar Companies & Celebrities

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Forbes Top 10 Business Influencer & Owner Of Retail Ecommerce Ventures

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